We can Change everything together


Located on a hill on the shores of Lake Nam ngum, Bouba Park is a natural harbor full of forest and composed of a playground of 3000 square meters and a “room” of 120 square meter sheltered from the rain.

Unplanned for sightseeing, people wanting to see Bouba can only go with the owner, Christophe.

Indeed, we consider that this space should be totally dedicated to him, in particular to ensure a quiet environment, only populated by the fauna and flora native to this place.


Among the other animals collected by Christophe, macaques and fishing cat share Bouba’s daily life.

Despite the cautious beginnings of each other, they are now perfectly accustomed to the point of sometimes approaching to eat.

In the middle of the traveler’s tree, banana trees, mango trees and others, we try to recreate a self-sufficient environment to offer our animals a life as close to nature as possible.