Bouba's story

Bouba arrived at Christopher’s house in April 2015, approximately 3 months after her birth, weighing less than 4 kg. Christopher immediately began caring for her in order to save her from being sold to traffickers.

She is now 18 months old.

As soon as she arrived, she found herself part of a loving family, with a dog named Asian as a big sister, and Christopher as her father.

Although bears are reputed to be one of the most difficult animals to educate.

Christopher and Bouba have managed to form a peaceful and happy relationship with world renowned specialists such as Frédéric Chesneau.

With love and patience, they have learnt to live together safely.

Frédéric Chesneau with his bear Julia.

In total, around twenty people in the world live in symbiosis with bears.

Frédéric Chesneau and Julia

With time, the relationship between Bouba and Christophe has been reinforced to an extraordinary point.

Bouba and his sister Asian play and make hugs!

From her permanent cool water jacuzzi, Bouba enjoys watching Christophe in his daily tasks, communicating through various throat cleaning to express her emotions.

Far from being aggressive, Bouba is amazingly supportive.

After these few months, the 4-kg teddy bear has become a magnificent bear of about 170 kg.

Of course, she has had to learn to know her own incredible strength – a grizzly is able to break a bowling ball of a jaw pressure – as well as the less incredible strength of her new friends.

Bouba belongs to the species called Ursus Thibetanus, known as “Asiatic black bear” or white-chested bear. These bears can reach 1 meter 80 for 200 KG, in the case of the native sub-species of Taiwan.

These bears are known by specialists for their player behavior and their highly developed emotions. This makes them animals of great curiosity and intelligence. Capable of smelling the slightest smell on a radius of one kilometer, she interprets without difficulty the emotions of the people who surround her.

For these reasons, administrative procedures are necessary, in Laos as in others countries to own such an animal. Mr. Christophe Locascio arrived at the end of his steps and is now holding a state diploma for his bear Bouba.

The residence of Bouba is the equivalent of a luxury hotel for bears and was designed especially for it. 18-degree drilling water constantly supplies a pool and a basin, an industrial fan ensures a gentle fresh breeze during the hottest hours, and 3000 square meters of fully planted trees provides shade, staple food and games.

Indeed, bears scratch the trees to indicate the boundaries of their territory and love to play with their strength.

A word from the protectors

« If a person makes a wish, it remains a wish. If a thousand people
make the same wish together, It becomes a reality ! »

Alone, guaranteeing the safety of Bouba is impossible, but together
it becomes easy!

We all wish that BOUBA loved and protected, stays at home in her
adoptive family..

We count on your support. Christophe and his wife thank you
for your commitment !

Long live to Bouba!


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