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As you can see, all our team is now motivated by an single goal :

to keep Bouba free.


We’re trying our best to achieve this, but if there’s something we know, it’s that we won’t succeed without you. Today, the only way to ensure the Bouba’s security and well-living is to walk all together.

Never forget that there’s no little support.

Every single signature, like on our page, minute of reading, share, word to a friend. is a step towards our aim.

On behalf of all the Bouba’s family, thank you for your so precious help.


the petition on one of these sites, the number of signature is a guarantee of safety.sign


a testimonial if you have ever seen Bouba, this will show the world our honesty.testify


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A word from the protectors

« If a person makes a wish, it remains a wish. If a thousand people
make the same wish together, It becomes a reality ! »

Alone, guaranteeing the safety of Bouba is impossible, but together
it becomes easy!

We all wish that BOUBA loved and protected, stays at home in her
adoptive family..

We count on your support. Christophe and his wife thank you
for your commitment !

Long live to Bouba!


Take action for Bouba, get involved for the cause
and sign the petition now! We need your support.