The cause

Who we are?

Christophe :

Christopher Locascio has spent the last 18 years living in South East Asia. He spends all of his life taking care of his animals, some of which were victims of trafficking and abuse. He looks after them, loves them and cares for them on his private property and at his own expense.


What we are doing for her?

For us, the best place for bears is the nature. But unfortunately, when a bear has been keep captive too long or when a new born have no mother, to release him in the wild is a death sentence giving the amount of danger surrounding him.
For that reason, we tried to recreate as much as we could a natural environment for Bouba. We spent all our energy in this project since she arrived and right now we are reaching our goal: to get her as happy as possible by the complicity with her companions, the huge private enclosure, food self-sufficiency…
Until few month ago, we thanked that the most difficult part was finished, but is was far to be true…

Why we’re creating freebouba?

Because Bouba has attracted the lust of the NGO Freethebears. A bear that is so accustomed and looking for human company would be a star attraction and a most lucrative facade for an organization boasting on its site of having “more than two hundred thousand visitors per year just in Laos ”

They explain on their website that there are a lot of bears living in Laos in miserable conditions, tortured or simply sold as meat in some restaurants. But obviously, these bears were not considered as priority …

Twice, they tried illegally to seize Bouba. Arriving in number and armed with cage, they return without authorization on its private property. The director of Freethebears, Matt HUNT, and his manager Luke NICHOLSON, made a round trip from Luang Prabang city (over 400km), with several unsuitable vehicles and under-sized transfer cages.

Fortunately for Mr. Locascio, the presence of his animal is quite legal, official, and has been the subject of long steps to the highest level of administration. However, this does not discourage the members of this NGO who do not hesitate to use methods such as: Corruption , work without state authorization, violation of private property, impersonation of identity, witnesses subordination  and verbal threats.

For these reasons, we need all your support, to make Bouba well known and keep her safe.

A word from the protectors

« If a person makes a wish, it remains a wish. If a thousand people
make the same wish together, It becomes a reality ! »

Alone, guaranteeing the safety of Bouba is impossible, but together
it becomes easy!

We all wish that BOUBA loved and protected, stays at home in her
adoptive family..

We count on your support. Christophe and his wife thank you
for your commitment !

Long live to Bouba!


Take action for Bouba, get involved for the cause
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