Great news for Bouba, Victory is at hand!

Dear readers, dear friends,

Our daily fight for Bouba is bearing fruit! The victory is near, The NGO Freethebears is defeated and about to lose the trial we have begun. Indeed, we have collected so much evidences against Freethebears that it was impossible not to take this case to court.

Keep Fighting for Bouba the bear

The evidences are overwhelming: Employees without work permit, unauthorized vehicles, attempted bribery, illegal import of substances; The summoned officials collapse under the charges.

Several members of Freethebears called us to apologize and ask us to withdraw the complaint. This is not an option of course!

Laotian justice, fair and honest, isn’t impressed at all or corrupted by NGOs with big means.

This is an extraordinary news for Bouba and for the protection of animals in Laos.

The victory is near and we will keep you informed quickly. Thank you all for your help. Keep supporting us in all possible ways.

The Freebouba team