The purpose of this website is to protect a beautiful bear and her sacred environment, and to do so we have to tell the world about her incredible love story with a man named Christopher Locascio.

Christopher Locascio has spent the last 18 years living in South East Asia. He spends all of his life taking care of his animals, some of which were victims of trafficking and abuse. He looks after them, loves them and cares for them on his private property and at his own expense.

His favourite animal, an exceptional black bear named Bouba. Bouba came to Christophers house in April 2015, approximately 3 months after her birth, weighing less than 4kg. Christopher immediately took her under his wing, to prevent her being sold to traffickers. She is now a year and a half old.

However, Bouba has incited the greed of an organisation called “NGO Freethebears” who are trying to illegally take her away from him.
Twice, they have illegally tried to steal his bear. They have arrived at his property with cages in large, organised groups, trespassing on his private property.

Luckily for Mr Locascio, the presence of his animal is completely legal, and this has been entirely confirmed after a long process of formalities with the government. As a matter of fact, Mr Locascio would like to thank the government for their honesty. Twice they have asked the organisation Freethebear to leave his property and to leave his bear alone.

Bouba is a very special bear. Not only does she live with Mr Locascio, but she also plays and eats with him for several hours a day. In her 3000m2 park, with a pool of fresh water and an industrial fan, Bouba has an exceptional quality of life in Laos.

A bear so used to – and fond of – human presence would be a great attraction and a very lucrative prospect for this organisation.

To guarantee Bouba total security against anybody and any malicious organisation, we need the support of as many people as possible. Her happiness and quality of life are our only goals.

If, like us, you want Bouba to remain with the people she loves and who love her, share, support and protest with us against this injustice!